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IT CH & I.E. Luavjan's Big Sand Kahuna


• born 08th May 2006

• Tango dell Alta Via x Udine du Périgord Vert

• International Show Champion, Italian Champion
• Numerous CAC, CACIB

• CAL (certificato di attitudine al lavoro)


• HD/A - Elbows 0/0

Sandy comes from M. Pietro Bottagisio's Luavjan's kennel, Italy. He joined La Belgerie in August 2010 after his owner died. As he cannot live with my other male, he lives at Mons, with my friend Fabienne.

I met Sandy for the first time at the French Specialty in 2008 and I immediately fell in love with him as he was magnificent and exuberant in his beautiful grey wear. I could not see any other dog but him.

He is of course excellent at shows, but above all, he has an exceptional temperament. At the same time stable, motivated, playful and with no fear at all. He is friend with everyone, and everyone likes him at first sight.

He gives to his offsprings his nice character and his big coat, short constructions, strong bones, and excellent masks and pigmentations.

All informations on Sandy and his wonderful photo gallery can be seen on the website of his breeder : Luavjan's.

Tango dell alta via

 Master-Blaster de condivicnum

 Gourou du crépuscule des loups

 I'Kiss You de condivicnum

 Origami dell alta via

 Jason de la douce plaine


Udine du périgord vert

 Oural de la fureur du crépuscule

 Gourou du crépuscule des loups

 Flicka du bois du tôt

 Jipsiane du périgord vert

 Gylson de la fureur du crépuscule

 Betsy du périgord vert

To see his extended pedigree, click here.






Je ne sais pas quoi dire.

Le simple petit mot "merci" me semble si dérisoire en regard de cet immense privilège...


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